Monday, January 28, 2013

 The next Friends of the Library 
Book Review Luncheon will be held 
on February 8th at 12 pm.

Our special guest this month will be Joe O'Toole, 
who will be talking about reading dramatic literature.

Many people read fiction and nonfiction.  
Some people read poetry.  
Few people read plays.  Why is this entire genre 
of literature ignored?

Joe O'Toole will discuss dramatic literature and show how it is similar to and different from other types of writing.  He will provide fun and easy strategies for reading and enjoying plays.  He will also provide suggested titles for those who want to become readers of dramatic literature.

Joe O'Toole has taught literature and has worked with several theater groups around the state.  
He is also the director of the Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum. He is currently serving as Scholar-Facilitator for the Clifton Springs Library's book discussion group on the topic "Women and War."

To reserve your spot at the luncheon, either call the library or click here!