Saturday, November 19, 2016

December 2016 Director's Message

You Can Host a Program, Too

            Do you think the Newark Public Library should host more programming?  Great!  So do we.  And you can help us accomplish that goal.  Here’s how:
Do you have a skill or interest that you want to share?  Host a program or workshop.  We have a great modern programming room that can fit up to 80 and has a large screen TV, audio, and computer inputs for computer based presentations.  We even have a 3D printer!  Maybe you don’t have a skill but just think everyone should see a certain movie.  Host a movie night at the library!  We have volunteer run programs already thriving at our library like the “Beyond the Book Covers” book discussion group (see the upcoming events in the newsletter for more details).  Start a writing, knitting, or other group and use our facilities.  Our librarians on staff can help coordinate with you.  Programs located at the library must be free and open to the public, so only volunteers who are looking for ways to give back to their community need inquire. 
If all the people reading this article volunteered to host a program, we likely could provide our community years of free education and entertainment.